Drone Photography & Video


FAA Part 107 Compliant

Nathan has completed the drone general knowledge test and has been certified with the Federal Aviation Administration to fly drones commercially.


Safety is always the number one priority when it comes to flying drones. Whether it is around people or property, making the right decisions can be the difference between injuries and costly repairs.

Land Surveying

Nathan has experience working with ranchers and property owners to get aerial shots to help survey the land.


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) can get to areas that might be unsafe or too costly for the average human to get to. Everything from silos to smoke stacks, Nathan can provide high quality images and video to see whats going on.

Aerial Photography

Looking for a unique perspective? Drone photography can take an image to new heights and give you a completely different view on things. Whether you need new marketing material or updating images on your website, Nathan can provide stunning HD images from the sky.


Nathan can capture ultra HD 4k video to help bring your video to life. Whether you are looking for a couple of clips or an entire video, Nathan's drone video is smooth and cinematic.