Real Estate



 Providing clear HDR and Flambient  images that will not only tell a story but are sure to attract potential buyers. 


Drone For Real Estate

Nathan can provide stunning still photos and smooth video from up above. 

Walk-Through Videos


 Nathan now offers three types of walk-through videos! He offers a budget friendly Zillow walk-through video, a 1 minute social media option, as well as a high-end video.


Real Estate Twilight in Southeast Montana

 Want that extra curb appeal? A twilight shot can be the icing on the cake and Nathan will take the time to get the shot perfect, whether it be in the wee-hours of the morning or after the sun has gone down late at night 

Virtual Staging

Real Estate Virtual Staging in Billings, MT

 Have an empty room or house? Nathan can virtually stage your listing to make it look like home. 

Pole Photography


Restricted Airspace, such as areas near airports, can create a no-fly zone. Pole Photography is a great alternative to get that elevated shot.



Billings Association of Realtors

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Certified Photographer



Contract Photographer

Zillow Certified Photographer


What are the benefits of a Zillow Certified Photographer? 

Nathan can shoot a Zillow Certified Walk-Through Video or 3D Home Virtual Tour and upload directly to your listing on Zillow. Here's how a Zillow Walk-Through Video can benefit your listing-

“Listings with video walkthroughs are given a boost in Zillow's search algorithm, resulting in more views and saves on average. Search order is largely based on personalization and user behavior, but the only way as an agent to influence your listing’s ranking is by adding a video. In addition, every time a video is uploaded to Zillow an email notification is sent to potentially hundreds of buyers – anyone with a saved search in that area. This email lets a Zillow user know that a video has been uploaded to a home in their area, and invites them to take a look. These benefits from Zillow add greater visibility to your listing and help you find more qualified buyers, as you’ll be talking with buyers who can watch a video walkthrough of the home before contacting you. 

 Also, Millennial home buyers are coming to expect media options beyond just photos when they search for a home. In this year’s trends report, Zillow found that "Tech-savvy Millennial and Gen Z buyers may find greater value than older generations in using video/live virtual or 3D tours to help them make decisions. 45 percent of Gen Z and 41 percent of Millennial buyers find watching a recorded video of a home very or extremely important in helping them decide on their home" ( -2018 Zillow Trends Report) 

Zillow 3D Tour